Thank you for your interest in KEEP VETS!

If you are a company or organization interested in joining KEEP VETS, you have come to the right place!
In order to expand the reach and effectiveness of KEEP VETS, with the ultimate objective to
place Veterans and Active Duty personnel in career positions within Coalition Companies, we
are eager to entertain companies, especially those located in eastern and western Kentucky,
interested in joining KEEP VETS.
The first step to join KEEP VETS is the completion of a formal membership application. I would
ask you to respond to the questions providing as much information as possible.
The information you provide will be reviewed by our Recruiting Committee. If they have any
questions or concerns, they will contact you directly. Once they have completed the review of
your application, they will make a recommendation to the KEEP VETS officers. Once a decision
is made on membership, you will be contacted directly and will be provided additional information (ex. membership list, notice of the next Coalition meeting etc).
Please note membership will initially be an Associate Membership which provides you with
membership to KEEP VETS and inclusion in all meetings and conference calls. An Associate
Membership does not allow your organization to vote on matters we deem in need of a vote and does not require of you to attend all calls and/or in person meetings, although we encourage it.
After such time, the Recruiting Committee and Executive Officers will review all applications for
membership at which time we may extend a permanent membership which carries with it a requirement to actively participate in all meetings, conference calls and joint activities as designated as well as provides full voting rights.
Thank you for your interest in KEEP VETS and thank you for taking the time to complete the application.
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